Malooly's Flooring has been serving Southern New Mexico and West Texas for over 100 years, and we're hoping for 100 more!

The Malooly family has been selling carpet since 1907, when the current owners’ grandfather began selling area rugs door to door.  Later on, their father picked up the trade.  When he wanted to install wall-to-wall carpeting in their home, the trend at the time, he purchased more than he needed to.  So, he decided to sell the leftover carpet at his gas station. This was so profitable that he closed the gas station and began Malooly’s Carpet CIty in El Paso.  The first store the family owned in Las Cruces was at 140 W. Picacho and was very small, and they were so poor they couldn’t afford to paint the walls.  But business was good, and in 1983 they moved to their current location on Valley.  The Las Cruces location started with two employees and one carpet layer, and now has twelve employees and about ten installation crews.

Malooly’s Flooring Company works widely in the Southern New Mexico and West Texas regions.  They have clientele in El Paso, Deming, Truth or Consequences, and Ruidoso, as well as Las Cruces.  The product evolution in the flooring industry over the past twenty-five years has been astounding. Today’s floors are covered in products that were once only used for table and countertops.  Tile sizes and styles have changed, and today many people prefer hard surfaces to softer surfaces.  Carpets now come in infinite colors and cutout patterns, and cork floors are becoming more popular. Malooly’s Flooring carries both contemporary and traditional hard surface products and carpeting and, as always, will remain a source for new and innovative, and traditional flooring for your home.



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